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Wanna discover voodoo ? 
    Would you like to discover the unknown Africa? Let me take you to the cradle of the old African religion - VOODOO - in Benin. Take back home an unforgetable experience from the West Coast of Africa. 
    The trip will lead you deep inside the heartbeat of West Africa  VOODOO has influenced the people and the culture for many years in this part of the world. The tour will take you to the roots of Voodoo in Benin, the former Dahomey. From here the slaves were shipped to the Americas. Today over 60 million people practice Voodoo worldwide.But the cradle is in today`s Benin. Since the revolution in 1989, when the Marxists gave way to a democratic state, this young democratic state has let Voodoo bloom once again. 
    The tour promises to give you a one time adventure and will bring you to places that a normal tourist never sees. Even today travelling in Benin is an adventure. There is no tourist infrastructure, which makes travelling all the more adventurous. 

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