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High Tech news of the week

Each weekend a new comment on the most interesting high-tech event of the week. 
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01/16/00 Happy Y2K Intel!  A brief overview on how Intel is loosing its technology crown.
10/26/98 Outstanding K7! AMD has just  unveiled the architecture of its K7 a few days ago. Will this be the first Intel's Pentium killer chip?
10/25/98 Corel targets Linux Corel has announced the availability of its Word perfect 8.0 for linux platforms... It sounds like good news for both Corel and Linux.
 New Celeron Inside
 Intel has launched a new version of its Celeron Microprocessor. New hype or real innovation ?
08/16/98 iMac, Bye Mac ?  iMac, the new Apple computer was launched today, will this fancy translucent box save Apple?

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