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      My name is Rachad ALAO, I am a 27 years old Beninese and EE/CS engineer graduated from "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Paris" . I leave in Sunnyvale, California (in the heart of Silicon Valley). I have done all my universitary studies  in Paris (Fance). I'm fond of Science and Sport. 
      Since my first 'scientific' experiment (testing the effect of putting a fork in an electric plug) at age 5, I've never stopped experimenting thousand of things. I'm also passionate of high technology and this passion occupies a large part of my life (thanks to 'venus' my lovely computer). I've also written several cool C/C++ programs, and interesting design papers that are available on this web site. Enjoy!
      Sport is my second passion, I used to play Basket-ball in my university team, but now I only play street ball (Street Basketball) every weekends. It is then easy to understand why I'm fond of NBA and why I like Michael Jordan ( He is the most talented basketball player I have ever seen ). But Soccer and Formula 1 are my two other favorite sports. Talking about formula 1, I hope you agree with me that Michael Schumacher is the greatest Formula 1 pilot since Ayrton Senna.
      Now that you know who I am, I will be happy to know who you are, please leave me some words on my guest book.

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