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    Date of Birth : November 9th 1975 
    Citizenship : Beninese 
    Height : 1m78 ( 5'10" ) 
    Weight : 69 kg  ( 150 lb ) 
      My name is Rachad ALAO, I am a 27 years old Beninese and EE/CS engineer graduated from "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Paris" . I leave in Sunnyvale, California (in the heart of Silicon Valley). I have done all my universitary studies  in Paris (Fance). I'm fond of Science, Sport and Super models. 
      Since my first 'scientific' experiment (testing the effect of putting a fork in an electric plug) at age 5, I've never stopped experimenting thousand of things. I'm also passionate of high technology and this passion occupies a large part of my life (thanks to 'venus' my lovely computer). I've also written several cool C/C++ programs, and interesting design papers that are available on this web site. Enjoy!
      Sport is my second passion, I used to play Basket-ball in my university team, but now I only play street ball (Street Basketball) every weekends. It is then easy to understand why I'm fond of NBA and why I like Michael Jordan ( He is the most talentuous basketball player I have ever seen ). But Soccer and Formula 1 are my two other favorite sports. Talking about formula 1, I hope you agree with me that Michael Schumacher is the greatest Formula 1 pilot since Ayrton Senna.
      Super models, they are simply beautiful. Wondering why I'm so passionate? Well just follow this link, and send me an email as soon as you are done to report me your feelings! 
      Now that you know who I am, I will be happy to know who you are, please leave me some words on my guest book.

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