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My C and C++ programs
       Here are some of the C and C++ programs I have written in my spare time or for academic purposes. For each program a short description is given, and sometimes a small report also. The programs are given as they are, I could not be held liable for any damage resulting from their usage. You are free to use or distribute any of these  programs or their source codes. I only ask you to mention the origin of the programs if you ever redistribute any of them or use part of their code in a program that you distribute.  Enjoy!
    MTools Library   This is a cool code if you want to do cool graphical programs in DOS mode. It is old and the coding style is not great, but it works. 
     It  integrates an extended memory manager driver, a mouse driver ( cool assembly code ), and useful graphic and window tools. 
    Lempel ZIV 77 Data Compressor  This is a set of programs that illustrate the functioning of LZ77 based data compressor. An LZ77 loss less data compressor code is also given. The package includes a small documentation with usage description in english. All these programs are written in ANSI C and can run on unix. 
    Huffman Data Compressor  This is graphical program in DOS mode that illustrates the working of Huffman based data compressors.
    Fractal Plant Generator  This is a plant generator for DOS.
    Knapsack solver  This program illustrates algorithm that solve the Knapsack problem. The program is graphical in DOS mode and shows 4 different algorithms. 
    Coded QAM16 on a Rayleigh channel  This is a simulator in DOS mode called xara that evaluates the performances of a Coded modulation over a Rayleigh channel. It is graphical in DOS mode, and may be used by telecommunication engineers or researchers.
    WDM Simulator  This simulator compares the performances of different reservation based algorithms for Optical Wavelength Division Multiple Access Networks. It runs only under Windows 95/98 or Windows NT (32 bit windows program)
    IP Relay  This small program can be usefull to relay/tunnel TCP and UDP connections recevied on a local IP port to a remote IP port. This gives the ability to tunnel TCP and UDP packets through an intermediate host. The program works both on Linux/Unix and Win32 platforms.


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