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Some academic reports...
       Here are some academic reports I have written. They are given for information purpose only. All rights are reserved to Rachad ALAO 1998. Partial or total reproduction of these reports are authorized for academic usage only. In this case the copyright information must be clearly mentioned. For all other usage, authorizations must be asked to me. Enjoy !
    IEEE 1394 Bus Overview    This is an Overview paper that explains the IEEE 1394 bus standard. 
    Lempel ZIV 77 Data Compressor  This is a small report that described the LZ77 data compression algorithm. It is given with some demonstration programs. 
    Wavelength Division Multiple Access  This is a report that compares the performances of different reservation based algorithms for Optical Wavelength Division Multiple Access Networks. It is given with a simulation program that  runs only under Windows 95/98 or Windows NT ( 32 bit windows program )


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